Catch all the essences of each place!

Download Tripeat to get the best local products by filtering them by allergen group, by other users' valuations, by your interests.

Tripeat allows you to give your purchase and take it wherever you say.

Product selection

Tripeat selects for you the best local products looking for a balance between quality and price.

We brought you to your house

Tripeat allows you to send your order home (national or international) and send it as a gift.

Forget about allergens

With Tripeat you can activate groups of allergens so that they do not appear in your product searches.

Forget the Allergens!

Make a safe purchase thanks to our allergen filtering.

How does it work?

From Tripeat you will be able to activate in your profile the groups of allergens that concern you. This way all the products of your searches will not contain these allergens.

If the purchase is to make a gift you can filter the search for allergens but it will not be saved in your profile.

Place your orders with the security of Tripeat filtering.

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Our Team

Meet the team that has made the launch of Tripeat possible

Baltasar Estarellas

Founder and CEO

Eduardo Martínez

Founder and COO

Francisco Ruiz


Ronnie Bonet

Web Designer

Xisco Casado

Web Designer

Sandra López

Web Designer

Victor Frau

Web Designer/Social Media Specialist

Carlos Núñez

Web Designer/Programmer


Comments from customers who have used Tripeat.

I love!! It has a service in which you can easily make orders and gifts at home.


Very good application!! It has helped me a lot to find certain products thanks to its filtering by allergens.


I did not know where to find the best ensaimadas to go and thanks to Tripeat he told me some places where they make the best ensaimadas near me!



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Do not hesitate to ask us everything you need, we will be happy to help you. Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions.

The application has a wide variety of filters (allergens, category of products, etc.) that allows a more specific search for each user.
Tripeat is completely free. Without adding any cost, you will have all the functionalities available from the download.
The only information to which the application will access will be, ages and nationality (for the language) being the rest protected.
Tripeat gives you the option to activate or deactivate notifications so you can stay up to date on everything that interests you at the moment or you can enter the application every time you want to know what products are available.

Download Tripeat now!

Take advantage of all the functionalities of Tripeat to taste the best gastronomic essences of the tourist destination and share and value your recommendations with our community!

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